Audio Share: Beastie Boys Live in Lake Forest

Midzi and I decided to kick the blog up a notch. We are going to attempt to offer more rare audio and video offerings to our fellow Beastie Boys fans.

Midzi started off the rare offerings with posting the unreleased "Body Movin'" video, which she and I both find amazing. We would like you to share your thoughts and opinion on this video in the comment section here or on the page on which the video is located. (We modified the comment settings to allow anyone to post comments to the blog.)

As a Beastie Boys concert junkie (something I'm quite unashamed to be!), I collect recordings of the band's live performances, especially the ones that I attend. My rare offering today is an audience recording of the Beastie Boys' show in Lake Forest, California, on October 21, 2006. This was a private show for etnies, the skateboard shoes and clothes company, for their Goofy vs. Regular skateboarding festival.

Beastie Boys Live in Lake Forest, California (photo by Jesse Baron)

Set List
Mix Master Mike Intro
Triple Trouble
Alright Hear This
Sure Shot
Pass the Mic
Paul Revere
High Plains Drifter
The New Style
Flute Loop
Brass Monkey
Ch-Check It Out
Body Movin'
Skills to Pay the Bills
Three MC's and One DJ
So What'cha Want

This recording has not been previously shared publicly.
Beastie Boys Live in Lake Forest, CA (68.73 MB zipped file hosted at
Much thanks to the taper of this recording and all the tapers who share their recordings with the fan community! If you download this recording, please leave a thank you message for the taper in the comments here and/or post your opinion of the show.


7:07 PM Missy said...

Thanks for the audio. I wanted to go to the show but couldn't. :(

9:50 PM Anonymous said...

Thanks to the taper. I have not seen a new Beastie Boys recording posted in a long time.

2:37 AM ggirlballa said...

thanks for the recording! i went to this show with my brother & the hollywood show as well it was the best week of my life!

but i have horrible shady memory i can only remember a few parts from each concert so thank you very much for this recording to help me remember the rest of what happened on that awesome night!

i wish i could've been front-row with the rest of the bbmb but i got there very late & was lucky to get the seats i got for a somebody who came 20 minutes be4 the show started.

anywayz thanks again for this!


10:27 AM Anonymous said...

Thank you!

10:57 AM Jace said...

Beastie Boy are awesome!

Thanks for the audio...

11:21 PM o.c. kicks said...


2:02 PM b-grrrlie said...

Thank you for this!!!
Great to hear some new live recordings! Looking forward to the Aussie gigs!

3:02 PM beastiegeek said...

Thank you very much!!! :)

12:20 PM my name is earl said...


its a good recording & show

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