Fight for Your Right on Joan Rivers show

Here's another gem for you: Beastie Boys performing "Fight for Your Right" on "The Late Show with Joan Rivers" in 1987. It is always an interesting experience to watch a live performance of this song. The video also gives you a chance to admire the dancing skills of Eloise, who toured with the Beasties Boys during the Licensed to Ill tour.

video credit:deathcrab


4:02 PM illcomm said...

Eloise was good but AdRock doing the Pee Wee Herman was classic! I remember sneaking out of the house at night when I was 12 yrs old to comb the neighborhood for VW's that we could pop the emblems off of. I know there wasn't original VW bug for miles of my house that had its front logo (the original beetles had the biggest emblems by far). Thanks for the video post.

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