Mike D on Beastie Boys recording process

From the Herald Sun (Australia):
January 11, 2007

One for the Record
The Boys Are Back in Town

GOOD news for Beastie Boys fans: the trio is back in their New York studio recording again.

Mike D can't provide detailed descriptions of the new material, but his excitement is palpable.

"We've been recording and we've been playing a lot of instruments," Mike says. "It's hard to describe. All I can really say is that we've been playing stuff and having a lot of fun and playing music that we like."

No release is scheduled at this stage, but the recording process is set to follow the same principles as every other Beasties record.

"When we start making a record we just all get together and start exchanging ideas or playing each other stuff," Mike says. "We go from there and usually a direction just happens. I know it sounds a little corny, or hard to believe, but that's what happens."


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