Promoter says Malaysia show a no-go

I contacted Pineapple Concerts managing director Razman Razali to enquire about the reported Beastie Boys show in Kuala Lumpur. Razali told me that just as Pineapple Concerts was preparing to promote the show, the Beastie Boys cancelled the show.

"Beastie Boys management contacted me, saying one of the members of the group has to go back [to the United States] to attend to personal matters," said Razali. "They will replace the show with a September date."

While this is disappointing news for Beastie Boys fans in Malaysia, it's interesting news for fans in the rest of the world. "A September date." If that's true, it means the Beastie Boys intend to release their new album, which they are currently working on [see O Watch], within the next 6 to 8 months and tour this fall. Woo-hoo!


6:20 AM midzi said...

In the Beastie world nothing is certain.

A September date, of course after summer tour around Europe :)

1:53 PM Peeps said...

they wont come here to frustrated as hell man!!

2:39 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'm sorry to say that I agree with you, peeps. When the Beastie Boys say "postponed," they really mean "cancelled." Their gigography history (see proves it.

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