More beard than a billy goat

Jennygirl reports on the Last Call with Carson Daly taping:

Adam Yauch, he is a man of many whiskers and few words. That’s right, the guy has more beard than a billy goat!

He strolled confidently onto the Carson Daly set with his cool Bboy stride sporting, of course, a parka. Lacking his sidekicks (Mike and Horovitz) seems (imo) to put Mr. Yauch into a quieter disposition.

The other guests of the evening were Michael Rappaport, Jim Gaffigan and a band called The 88.

The loudest applause of the evening seemed to have been for our man Yauch. (Perhaps it was just me though. I screamed like an adolescent girl upon the mere mention of him.) There did seem to be many Beastie Boy supporters among us however.

Of course, Mr. Daly had to ask if Yauch’s uncle would be joining us. I believe Yauch stated Mr. Hornblower was in the back drinking out of a wine skin. His photo was presented for the cameras, giving credit where credit is due. Carson also showed a vinyl copy of Solid Gold Hits, announcing Licensed to Ill’s 20th anniversary this coming year.

Yauch explained the film (same stuff most of us are skooled on already): 50 cameras, editing craziness, etc. Carson asked him if anyone stuck a camera down their pants, shot any amateur porn and what not -- at which point, Michael Rappaport interjected that he saw the film at Sundance and dropped a spoiler for everyone. *cough* bathroom scene *cough* rrrr something like that.

My favorite part of the interview was Yauch’s set up for the clip. I’m sorry, I don’t recall verbatim, but it was something to the effect, “Ok, so this is when the guy is returning from Viet Nam...” Pfffffhahaha.

The clip was, well, rather AWESOME.

It appeared as though he tried to split the scene immediately after the interview. Then it appeared to me that Carson had to ask Yauch to kick it there for the remainder of the taping. Haha, where’d he have to run off to?

Luckily I was in the 3rd row and pretty darn close. It was surreal. I’m still trying to grasp the fact I saw a Beastie Boy last night. A bearded one at that! And because I was on the floor I had to walk over to the stage for the live music portion. In my heart of delusional hearts, I prayed a surprise performance was in store. Like, “We’re sorry ladies and gentlemen, the band, The 88, could not make it tonight, but we have the Beastie Boys here for you.” No such luck. I am also sad to report that I couldn’t even snap a cell phone pic to share with you all. There was this meathead standing near me that looked like he would’ve seriously thrown my ass out had I attempted it.

All in all, it was an AWESOME experience!

This episode is slated to air on NBC, St. Patrick’s Day... really late, so don’t get too drunk beforehand. Pace yourselves kiddies! You don’t want to pass out early in a puddle of green brew and forget to hit that record button.


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