Going dark

AVC: Do you think it [the Beastie Boys' next album] will have a singular hip-hop sound like To The 5 Boroughs, or be more expansive, like Check Your Head or Ill Communication?
AY: Probably change it up, but I don't want to reveal any secrets that we don't have yet.
MD: I think it's time for the band to go dark.
AVC: Like goth?
AY: I was more in like a CIA sense: "We're going dark!" [Laughs.]
MD: That too. I was thinking goth, like eyeliner.
The Onion's A.V. Club has published an interview with the Beastie Boys that's an entertaining and worthwhile read. The talk focuses more on the band's music instead of the current film project, which no one is tired of hearing about, of course.


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