"Awesome" is amazing in Missouri


I contacted the True/False Film Festival and inquired about the success of the screening of Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! last weekend at the festival. David Wilson, who handles media queries for the festival, responded:
The screening went very well, with over 250 people attending. The venue was the Blue Note night club in Columbia, Missouri, a hall that has seen its share of amazing performances over the years, from Public Enemy to My Bloody Valentine to Wilco. The sound system was amazing, and I'll be reporting back to the producers on this, as they're considering other screenings at music venues.

In the end, neither Adam nor his producer Jon were able to come. They are, as you may know, working on some additional material for the film, to be used, I think, as part of some sort of satellite broadcast.
I assume the additional material Yauch and Doran were working on is the 20-minute movie introduction that will be shown before the film at the March 23rd screenings.


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