Mike D and Andy Samberg interview

Earlier this month, Mike Diamond participated in a MySpace Artist on Artist video interview with Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg. The interview will be posted at the Artist on Artist MySpace page in the near future.

Samberg is well-known for his musical shorts on SNL--the most famous one being "Lazy Sunday."

(Shout-out to JT McCann!)


11:26 AM Saber said...

mike's hair is crazy!

11:31 AM Hot Sauce said...


How big can it get?

1:13 PM Emily said...

Mike's hair can never be too big. :)

I can't wait to see the video!

2:43 PM Elisa said...

sweet!when will the video be up?

3:31 PM Hot Sauce said...

I expect the video to be posted after the new year.

9:19 AM HeatherO said...

i just have to say thanks for posting that samberg vid, it's been cracking me up all day.

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