Crazy white guys

Photo by Josh Cheuse

Inquiringmind Magazine has published an interview with photographer Josh Cheuse about his book Rockers Galore, which contains old school photos of the Beastie Boys and other artists Cheuse has known during his 25-year career as a music photographer.

Speaking about the Beastie Boys, with whom he was good friends, Cheuse tells the magazine:
There was a great time when Mike had a semi loft in Chinatown and we would shoot rats in the hallway and the ceiling was dripping with water, it was kind of crazy and everyone would crash in his loft. There was a thing called "No intendes", it was a Cabaré, which happened once a month, which was started by this guy Howie Montoke. He was a seminal club figure in New York and he would pay us $20 to come up with ideas. Mike, Adam and I would come up with an idea for a different band each week like "5 piece Chicken Dinner" or another time we were "The 3 Bad Jewish Brothers"; I was "Funky Ishamael", Mike was "MC Burkowitz" and Horovitz was "Jam Master Jew". Those were great times; every night was kind of an adventure, going to Queens and just being the "crazy white guys".

Read the full interview and view some of Cheuse's photographs at Inquiringmind Magazine's web site.


1:21 PM Saber said...

haha...jam master jew

6:46 PM Kevin said...

They have always been crazy.

8:53 PM Danielle said...

Is he friends with the band now? The Beastie Boys seem to have disassociated themselves with their past and the people they hung out with, like Ricky Powell.

10:06 PM Hot Sauce said...

I seem to recall an interview published not too long ago in which Mike D talked about Cheuse as if they were still friends.

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