Dinner with the Beastie Boys

"Um, I'm sorry, what is your name?"

He gives me this big grin, as if saying that no one has said that to him in a long time.

"Adam Horovitz. I'm in the band."

Read A Soccer Mom in Denial's story of meeting the Beastie Boys in the early 90s. The story illustrates how special they are.


12:23 PM Danielle said...

I have new respect for the band. I was unaware they donated to help the blockades and make the clinics safe. Operation Rescue was a terrorist group that murdered women and doctors. I will never forget their reign of terror. Bless the Beastie Boys!

12:31 PM Saber said...

she remembers eating pasta & soda but can't remember the conversation she had with the boys???

12:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

You don't forget good pasta.

1:14 PM Brody said...

Awwww, I like confirmations they're nice guys!! :)

2:44 PM Kevin said...

Nice story but she needs to get some Beastie tunes.

12:40 AM Todd said...

Nice story but kind of a bummer that she wasn't a huge fan. I still spaz out whenever I tell somebody about the time I shared a newspaper with Mike D. at the car wash.

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