It's Beastie Boys Radio day!

Tune into Little Radio today (Wednesday, Dec. 19) from 4-6 pm EST (1-3 pm PST) to hear the Beastie Boys spin some tunes and chat nonsense on their show, Beastie Boys Radio.

Today's show, with its theme of "childhood jams," will be their last radio show of 2007. Beastie Boys Radio will return after the new year.

All of their 2007 radio shows can be downloaded HERE, courtesy of DJ Zap.


1:25 PM Hot Sauce said...

We better not hear any Journey. :P

2:11 PM Saber said...

bring it on beastie boys!

2:51 PM Kelli said...

I hope MCA is on the show more than the other shows so far.

3:01 PM Klepto said...

meeee toooooooo

3:11 PM Hot Sauce said...

Yes, the show is not the same without Yauch.

3:37 PM Emily said...

Hooray!! I can listen to the program today. :)

MCA needs to take a break from his editing and join the program. I want him to tell us when the dvd is coming out too.

8:05 PM Hot Sauce said...

Beastie Boys Radio
December 19, 2007
Theme: Childhood jams ("up through junior high")

1. Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens
2. Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
3. Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
4. Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel
5. I Want You Back - Jackson 5
6. The Lord's Prayer - Sister Janet Mead
7. How Do You Do It? - The Supremes (from the Noel and Frances Yauch collection)
8. Jive Talkin' - Bee Gees
9. Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
10. Black Superman (Muhammed Ali) - Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band
11. Detroit Rock City - Kiss
12. White Lines (Don't Do It) - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
13. You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate
14. Magic - Pilot
15. Flashlight - Parliament
16. The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
17. Sara Smile - Hall & Oates (from the Bill Harper Collection)
18. Hot Line - The Sylvers
19. Why Can't We Be Friends - War
20. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
21. Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
22. Richard Pryor intro / Do It (Til Your Satisfied) - B.T. Express
23. Blinded by the Light - Manfred Mann
24. Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
25. Dazz - Brick
26. Rock On - David Essex
27. Fresh - Fresh 3 MC's
28. Joy to the World - Three Dog Night
29. Tell Me Something Good - Rufus and Chaka Khan
30. Convoy - C.W. McCall
31. Mr. Jaws - Dickie Goodman
32. The Streak - Ray Stevens
33. Lowdown - Boz Scaggs

8:08 PM Hot Sauce said...

Geek notes...

Beastie Boys have sampled Steve Miller, Grandmaster Flash, Black Sabbath, and Stevie Wonder -- but not the particular songs that they played today.

8:30 PM Emily said...

My mom liked a lot of the songs they played today.

I'm happy MCA was in the program, but we didn't get any updates. :(

8:38 PM Saber said...

haha..they are mc's who can't remember to use their microphones

11:19 PM Kevin said...

The show was interesting today. I hoped we'd get some news about the dvd or remix album but no luck.

7:01 PM Danielle said...

I am always entertained when I listen to the show, however when it ends, I'm usually disappointed they didn't talk more or tell us some big news. We fans are greedy. We're never satisfied with what we are given. It's shameful but I can't help wanting more.

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