Video clip from Portland show

"Shake Your Rump"

You know the words.


4:57 PM Anonymous said...

that didn't sound too good to me :(

5:14 PM Stunt D said...

The Beasties are doing shows for people that can't tell when they mess up. ;)

5:52 PM Hot Sauce said...

^ LOL. They always screw up. That's part of their charm. It's their shtick.

Horovitz looks like he was wearing happy shoes.

Diamond looks like a lost child. With big hair.

And Yauch looks none-too-thrilled. Could he be any less enthusiastic with delivering his rhyme at the end of the clip? It's funny to me, but it shouldn't be.

11:54 PM Emily said...

What does Mike say after 'Here in Portland, Oregon'?

1:15 PM Michael said...

Awesome! I hope I can see the Beasties this year.

4:48 PM Anonymous said...

Everyone at the show danced and loved it. They sounded awesome and WK has a ton of Beastie Boys fans here, the buzz the weeks before the show was insane with people excited about it. I couldn't imagine another group playing this event. It was out of this world.

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