Beastie Boys new album cover

Click on photo for enlargement.
Photo courtesy of EMI/Capitol. Posted with permission.

Due to a wild weekend at the Coachella Music Festival, we've had to postpone our promised review of the new Beastie Boys album The Mix-Up. While we patch the cuts, bumps, and bruises that we received at the Rage Against the Machine set last night, we ask you to review the goofy-funky album cover art.

By chance, we ran into Zoe Rogers at Coachella and asked her opinion of the Beastie Boys new album. "I love it!" she gushed.


4:23 PM djzap said...

pic is down :(

but it is awesome!

5:04 PM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, it's a Flickr problem. Give it a bit. It'll show up soon.

5:07 PM Hot Sauce said...

Look at Yauch's hand.


5:09 PM klepto said...

^ that's my favorite part! ;D

5:22 PM Hot Sauce said...

I think the band designed it themselves. I'm going to check with the label.

7:05 PM dave790 said...

so this is definitely the cover? i hope so... love it

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