Beastie Boys album confirmed for June release

Several fans contacted us about a short article published by, a UK music site. The article reads:
The Beastie Boys are expected to follow 2003's To The 5 Boroughs with a brand new album called 'The Mix-Up'. Full details are still to be confirmed but the CD has been slated for the June 25 release.
I sent an email to a few friends at the Beastie Boys' record label in the United States and asked if they could confirm the album title and release date.

One friend replied that the release date has indeed been set. The Beastie Boys new album will be released in North America on June 26, 2007. The information the label currently has for the album title is "TBD" (i.e., To Be Determined).

Although it's nice to have a confirmed release date, it's the secondary information my friend supplied in the email that got me excited. My friend writes:
6/26 release date, with festival tour then club tour to follow. That's all I know at the moment.
Go back and re-read that. Festival tour then club tour! Woo-hoo! Rejoice Beastie Boys fans!!

With a festival tour of Europe already planned for this summer, one can assume the club tour will be in North America this fall.


1:49 PM MC Boulangerie said...

Héhé! The Zenith show (June 26) will hot !!

1:49 PM MC Boulangerie said...

will be*

2:15 PM Hot Sauce said...

I knew the Zenith show was going to be special. :D

2:25 PM Saber said...

Thanks for the awesome news!

3:24 PM Emily said...

Will the club shows be 21+? I hope not.

6:52 AM MC Boulangerie said...

> >

10:15 PM denise said...

they better be all ages & some shows in L.A hehe :D

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