Rumor: Secret gig in Portland

This afternoon I received a message from a peer, asking me if I had heard anything about the Beastie Boys playing a secret gig tonight in Portland, Oregon.


He pointed me to the source of the rumor, a Portland blog, at which the following was posted:
While out walking N. Mississippi, I noticed the old Richard's Housewares lot has privacy fencing up and a security guard. Also, there are porta-toilets in the back. After asking around, I learned that there may be a private event occurring there this evening or Friday and the performers are the Beastie Boys. Yep, you heard it here first. I have nothing to back this up other than hearing it from people who work or own businesses on the street.
A reader of the blog provided additional information, quoting an inside source who says it is the Beastie Boys playing a corporate gig for Wieden & Kennedy, a Portland-based advertising agency. BS or not? I have no idea.

Although I think this rumor is highly improbable, I'm posting it in the event that it pans out to be true and/or someone has concrete evidence to either confirm or dismiss the rumor. If you know something, hit our inbox with an email.


7:54 PM Damian said...

Hmmmm 3 hour drive from Seattle.

Wonder if I can crash it.

Ummm yeah I'm with porta-toilet maintenance. (here in the northwest we call them "honeybuckets.") You gotta use the lingo. I'll be like a fuckin' Mentos commercial.

8:20 PM Hot Sauce said...

I would not recommend driving the distance unless it was concrete-confirmed.

I find it unlikely that the band, who have been working almost every day on the new album, would fit in a gig at this time. If they ARE doing a gig, they're doing it without rehearsal.

10:30 PM Anonymous said...

I thought they were against selling themselves to the corporate world.

"Ain't selling out to advertisers"


11:05 PM Hot Sauce said...

Funny that you should comment on that. I received a few emails that questioned their doing a corporate gig.

Playing a corporate gig is the same thing as playing a private party. Last year, Beastie Boys did corporate gigs for etnies and They're not above playing a show for the right price.

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