Private Portland show exposed

We have a few video clips from the private show the Beastie Boys played in Portland on April 6 to share. The first clip was shot by two locals who outwitted security and snuck into the party.

"Sure Shot"

The following video clips were shot on a camera phone by a Portland local (not a W+K employee) who was invited to the party.

Clip 1: Introduction to Sabotage; Clip 2: Sabotage

Clip1: Body Movin' (Part 1); Clip 2: Body Movin' (Part 2)


Many thanks to Natallica for sharing these video clips with the Beastie Boys fan community!

In the process of interviewing about a dozen people who attended the show, we learned a few interesting things.

The Good
Everyone we spoke to said the Beastie Boys were "incredible," full of energy and "completely on" in their performance.

The band were jovial, joining the audience in celebrating the organization's anniversary. Before "Something's Got to Give," Alfredo Ortiz opened a bottle of champagne and poured glasses for everyone in the band, except teetotaler Adam Yauch, who jokingly reached for the entire bottle from Fredo. Adam Horovitz made a toast to Portland [] and the company, congratulating them on their anniversary.

The Bad
Alcohol had been flowing freely at the party since 3 p.m., which is not a bad thing in itself. (We enjoy a cold one, especially if it's free.) Several of the W+K employees we spoke to expressed regret for being too inebriated to properly appreciate the show, which began at 8:45 p.m.

The Ugly
At one point during the show, someone in the audience threw a beer bottle and almost hit Adam Yauch. Angry about the incident, Adam Horovitz stopped the show. Yauch played the diplomat and convinced his friend that he was ok, and the show continued.

We would like to thank all the W+K employees, guests, and "show bandits" who contacted us to share their impressions, photos, and videos of the show.