A talk with Keyboard Money Mark

Photo: IFC.com
Jim: Everyone knows you as the long-time keyboardist for the Beastie Boys. During live performances of "Sabotage" you sort of flip yourself perpendicular to the ground. Have you ever injured yourself while playing keyboards?

Mark: No.

Jim: Never?

Mark: No. I practice that move a lot. In fact when I leave here I'm going to go practice that move.

IFC.com has posted an entertaining interview with Money Mark in which he discusses his work on various soundtracks and a new album, his history with the Beastie Boys, and his shenanigans when performing with them, among other topics.

Most interesting to Beastie Boys fans will be Mark's reply to the question if he is working with the Beastie Boys on their new album: "Yes. Every once in a while we will get together and do something. It is not very intense at the moment."

Read the full interview (highly recommended!) at IFC.com.


7:48 PM Kevin said...

Great interview!

8:08 PM Hot Sauce said...

My favorite comment Mark makes in this interview is "I have license to just walk on the stage and be goofy anytime I want to. It's fun."


9:16 PM Emily said...

Money Mark belongs with the Beastie Boys. He's as goofy as they are! :D

10:41 PM Stunt D said...

Haha - the guy asked $Mark if he would make him a cabinet!

9:45 AM Fittonia said...

Mark seems like a cool dude.

1:58 PM Spiffy D said...

Mark is an extremely nice guy, and very approachable if you can find him offstage. I've run into him several times at various record stores. He always smiles and talks as if he knows me, which of course he doesn't. He's the 4th Beastie Boy, like Chuck Leavell is the 5th Rolling Stone.

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