Beastie Boys on your chest

Ricky Powell has teamed up with Goodspeed, a Japanese graphic t-shirt company, to offer some of his classic photos of the Beastie Boys and other artists on limited edition t-shirts. Choose from the following Beastie Boys designs (click to enlarge images):

Beastie Boys, May 1986

Beastie Boys in San Diego, 1994

Beastie Boys in Los Angeles, 1988

Beastie Boys on Soul Train, 1987

The t-shirts will be available to purchase at A note at states the Ricky Powell stock is not yet available. (We'll keep on eye on availability.) Other shirts in the same line are priced at approximately 6000 Yen (US$57), so you can expect to pay something similar to that for the Powell tees.


12:09 PM funkyfour said...


12:14 PM Stunt D said...

I wish I had money...

12:59 PM casio hardcore said...

wicked cool, but slightly overpriced. For a mere $20 (perhaps even a little less), you can make your own B-Boys shirt from whatever graphic you want over at

I'm just saying :)


2:45 PM Emily said...

OMG! How can I choose only one?! :D

3:54 PM Jewler said...

Can you order the shirts from any other website or store?


10:52 AM Hot Sauce said...

@jewler: I don't this so. I asked a Japanese friend to check.

11:00 AM Chicken Pot Pie said...

The underwater tee will be mine! Oh yea!

6:07 PM B-Boys#1fan said...

finaly some cool bboy shirts!!!=)

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