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We've been slacking a bit at M2M due to the holiday and one of us graduating from school. (CONGRATS, KLEPTO!!) It's Beazley catch-up time!

Last week, Adam Yauch announced the first film to be distributed by Oscilloscope Pictures in the first-ever Oscilloscope Laboratories e-newsletter, reprinted below:
23 May 2008

hey, so you actually signed up for the oscilloscope laboratories newsletter! nice, i didn't know so many people would sign up.

so here's the skinny; we will be releasing a film called FLOW later in the year. click here to check out our very professional press release.

also, "gunnin' for that #1 spot" first wave will hit theaters on june 27th, (the day after the NBA draft) then more cities will be added after that. dan will put more specific info about what theaters on what dates below....

talk to you soon,

Opening Theaters for Gunnin' on June 27th:

New York, NY - AMC Empire 25
New York, NY - AMC Magic Johnson Harlem 9
New York, NY - Loews Village East
Phoenix, AZ - AMC Arrowhead 14
Phoenix, AZ - AMC Deer Valley 30
Phoenix, AZ - AMC Mesa Grand 24
Los Angeles, CA - AMC Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15
Los Angeles, CA - AMC 30 at the Block
Los Angeles, CA - AMC Santa Monica 7
Baltimore, MD - AMC Owings Mills 17
Portland, OR - Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10
Philadelphia, PA - Ritz at the Bourse

If you haven't already signed up to receive the Oscilloscope Laboratories e-newsletter, go here to do so. Please note that there is no longer an intelligence test associated with signing up for the e-newsletter as there initially was.

To learn more about Flow, visit the film's official web site.

The official trailer for Yauch's film, Gunnin' for That #1 Spot, is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The trailer, as well as an update on the theatrical release of the film (with news of swag and ticket give-aways to the New York premiere of the film on June 25!), was posted on the Gunnin' Facebook page. Non-Facebook members can read about it at Oscope Archive.

Horovitz Senior and Junior. Photo by Chris Leary

On May 21, Adam Horovitz hosted an invitation-only event at Manhattan's Westside Theater for the New York Playwrights Lab, an organization founded by his father, playwright Israel Horovitz. The event, titled "Ex-Lovers," was performances of 8 ten-minute plays written by members of the Playwrights Lab.

The invitation noted there would be a "special celebrity-guest host." Special, indeed! "Ex-Lovers" was billed as "sexy, provocative, upsetting, and very, very funny." Sounds like Mike D's cup of tea!

The younger Horovitz told the New York Observer, "I'm 41, and my whole life I've been going to see his plays...[The lab is] just all these writers, and they keep in touch and they work every week; it's friends together being creative. Its reminiscent of writers' salons and shit. People don't really seem to do that anymore. It's cool."

See more photos from the event at


10:22 PM funkyfour said...

haha, adrock's hair sticks up like his old man's

11:08 PM Emily said...

Graduation congratulations to Klepto!! :D

12:06 AM Klepto said...

oh hey, thanks!! :)

12:20 AM Fittonia said...

They have good mops. A lot of guys their age don't have any hair.

Happy graduation to Klepto!

9:06 AM Saber said...

album update please

congrats klepto

9:20 AM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, no new album update -- and we don't expect one for a very long time.

10:23 AM Danielle said...

It's good for them to have interests other than music, however, it's not so good for us music fans. We'll have to be patient.

Congratulations to Klepto on graduating!

12:13 PM Stunt D said...

There are a lot of Labs in the family!

Congrats to Klepto - school's out forever!

6:39 PM Klepto said...

thanks y'all! :D

10:55 AM Chicken Pot Pie said...

Adrock looks exactly like his dad except for the nose.

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