Mike D helps Sonic Youth select hits

From Spinner.com:
Beastie Boys' Mike Diamond Backs Sonic Youth '100%'
Benjy Eisen

Throughout their 27-year career, icons Sonic Youth have had plenty of hits ... just not chart-toppers. So, to help them select their finest, certain well-known Sonic Youth fans were each asked to name their favorite. The Beastie Boys' Mike Diamond chose '100%' and tells Spinner that he picked it because it's "just a great song." The track will appear on Sonic Youth's 'Hits Are for Squares,' a limited-edition CD available only at select Starbucks and online at www.starbucks.com, beginning June 10.

"It's got all you could ask for in a pop song: interesting, dark, and yet celebratory subject matter. Dual guitar solos. A great vocal from Thurston. And a fine Steve Shelley drum break," Diamond says. "The video is heat, too!"

Other famed fans who contributed to the selection process include Beck ('Sugar Kane'), Radiohead ('Kool Thing'), Flaming Lips ('Expressway to Yr Skull') and Eddie Vedder ('Teenage Riot'). Not all Sonic Youth fans are rock stars though -- thus, writer Dave Eggers, comedian David Cross and filmmaker Gus Van Zant each got to pick one for the team.


2:55 PM Hot Sauce said...

It would be hard to pick just one song. Sonic Youth's catalogue is outstanding!

4:53 PM Spiffy D said...

Couldn't agree more!

Great live band too.

8:37 PM Emily said...

"The video is heat"


Mike is so funny.

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