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Adam Yauch is interviewed (and photographed amusingly) in the June issue of Mean magazine.

Props to Allan Baldwin for supplying the scans!


7:55 PM Kevin said...

I thought Mike D. is the Beastie credited for coming up with "mullet".

Did I read right? There's a Beastie Boys song and some solo music by Yauch in Gunnin?!

8:03 PM Hot Sauce said...

I interpreted his comment as there is one Beastie Boys instrumental song on the soundtrack (presumably, "Bass Line Is Nice") and several "pieces" (i.e., not full songs -- more like background music snippets) that he did on his own.

9:18 PM Emily said...

I love the photos!

MCA really gave this movie his all!

9:23 PM Hot Sauce said...

Yeah, he Yauched it up.

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