Complete control: Beastie Boys influence Spike Jonze

Beastie Boys on the "Ricky's Theme" video shoot. Photo by Spike Jonze.

In the special 100th issue of Juxtapoz magazine, filmmaker and Beastie Boys friend Spike Jonze is interviewed about the people who have influenced and shaped his aesthetic. Speaking of the Beastie Boys, Jonze credits them for influencing how he operates Girl, his skateboard company:
When Girl started I was doing a lot of stuff with the Beastie Boys. We'd begun to make videos and we started Grand Royal magazine, and Mike Diamond was definitely an influence. His whole thing is to do it yourself, own it yourself, control it, don't listen to anybody from anywhere else other than what you want to do. After their first record, they never let anybody get involved in anything they did. No one from outside the three of them had any control whatsoever on the music, art, video, or tour, and when the records came out, they did it all themselves. They bought their own studio and took as long as it would take to make the records and put them out when they were ready. I think that was a big influence for Girl.
Also in the special issue are interviews with photographer Glen E. Friedman and artist Raymond Pettibon (interviewed by Mike Watt), whom Money Mark is currently working with on a musical project.


6:06 PM Penny said...

I haven't seen the pic before. Noice!

7:17 PM Triple Trouble said...

Mike in the fat suit!

11:29 PM Fittonia said...

Mike modeled his look after Kenny Rogers.

9:50 PM Kevin said...

I always thought he looked like Burl Ives.

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