Money Mark 'kids' around

At age 10, [Money Mark] Nishita moved with his family to Los Angeles County when his father, an electronics engineer in the aerospace industry, took a job with the Hughes Aerospace Group. Nishita remembers showing his father a photo of the Fender Rhodes keyboard he wanted, pictured on a Herbie Hancock album sleeve. "He bought it for me, but he said when I get it we're going to take it apart, figure it out, then we'll put it back together...That's what we did, so I got to learn how the inside of stuff worked, and that was very helpful, even to this day."

The Detroit News has published a feature article on Money Mark this week. The timing of the article's publication coincides with Mark's appearance in the Motor City with Jack Johnson's tour. Read the article here.

Money Mark is currently the most musically busy person on the Beastie Boys team. (Mix Master Mike recently wrapped up his world tour.) In addition to working on a new album of his own and contributing to the new Beastie Boys album, Mark is touring with Jack Johnson and is featured on the new Joseph D'Anvers album, titled Les Jours Sauvages, on the song "Kids." Mark also appears in the video for "Kids" (see below). D'Anvers' album, which was produced by Mario Caldato Jr., will be released by Atmosphériques on June 23. [Amazon link]

You may listen to "Kids," as well as remixes of the song and others from Les Jours Sauvages, at D'Anvers Myspace page.


12:47 PM Music said...

Beastie Boys are lucky to have Mark on their crew. Mark is a true talent.

1:10 PM Hot Sauce said...

^I agree 100%!

4:22 PM Spiffy D said...

It's hard to imagine that anyone hasn't heard the Herbie Hancock "Headhunters" album, but if you haven't: DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

6:14 PM Emily said...

Cool song! I like it! :)

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