Ricky Powell and his eccentric nuts

Spot the Beastie Boys photo. (Photo: Theme Magazine)

New Yorkers looking for something to do this weekend -- 'cause there's nothing to do in the city -- should check out Ricky Powell's exhibition at Milk Gallery (450 West 15th Street).

The exhibition, titled "Illy Funksters," is a collection of Powell's photos from the old school hip-hop scene and New York streets. Among the collection are several photos of the Beastie Boys from the last two decades.

The exhibition, which complements the publication of Powell's forthcoming book (also titled Illy Funksters), is showing at Milk Gallery through June 10.

In his column for The Citrus Report, Powell described the book and exhibition as "a collection of eccentric nuts." (Read Powell's most current column for The Citrus Report here.)

Powell also has a photo of Adam Horovitz (see right) currently on display in "The Hustle Exhibition" at powerHouse Arena (37 Main Street, Brooklyn). The exhibition showcases powerHouse's latest magazine, called The Hustle. The magazine with the photo of Horovitz may be purchased at powerHouse's web site.

"The Hustle Exhibition" is showing through July 13.


4:17 PM funkyfour said...

who is in the pic with adrock?

9:35 AM Kevin said...

Is it Marlene Dietrich?

3:44 PM Spiffy D said...

I believe Kevin is correct.

She was smokin'!

10:41 PM Emily said...

I thought it was Madonna???

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