Additional Mix Master Mike performance dates

Beastie Boys must be getting a lot of beauty sleep this month because we've not heard boo from or about them, except for the random "I ran into Mike D!" report from New York fans who have written us.

Mix Master Mike, on the other hand, has been busy doing gigs in the United States this month and lining up performance dates in Europe. We have four new European performance dates for Mix Master Mike to report:

April 18 - Festival des Artefacts, Strasbourg, France - tickets
April 19 - Club 106, Rouen, France - tickets
April 23 - Le Social Club, Paris, France - tickets
May 29-31 - Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, Spain - tickets

Last Friday (Feb 22), Mix Master Mike performed at Epic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One fan who attended the show wrote, "That man can throw down hardcore on the decks. Was a lot of fun to watch. The crowd was really into it. Good time."

If you are aware of Mix Master Mike performance dates that we have not yet published, please contact us.

(Shout-out to Xavier)


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