Dancing with Hammer

Rap Pages: If you weren't the Beastie Boys, what group would you be in?
Mike D: We'd be in Hammer's dancers, wearing the bikini briefs in leopard print, just like Hammer.*

Here's a classic interview with the Beastie Boys, published in the June 1994 issue of Rap Pages. The scans are courtesy of Press Rewind If I Haven't...", a blog that shares interviews and photos from old rap magazines.

Rap Pages - Page 1 beastie_june942 Rap Pages - Page 3 Rap Pages - Page 4

*Pumps and a Bump


3:09 PM Spiffy D said...

I was a Hammer fan until he went gangsta, then I got scared away.

Too street for me!

10:10 PM Hot Sauce said...

I can picture them dancing with MC Hammer. It's a scary picture. :P

It's odd how much of the article focuses on their feelings on gun control. The best part of the article is the last page.

10:51 AM Music said...

Can't touch this? Don't WANT to touch it!

10:10 PM realifry said...

MCA Puerto Rican? now that would have been something!

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