Official newsletter confirms performance dates

Well, it seems the Beastie Boys have finally seen fit to contact the hundreds thousands of fans who do not visit their official web site regularly to inform them of their upcoming tour dates.

An official e-newsletter was distributed today:
here's a few things you might wanna know about..

1. we have a new record coming out
2. it's gonna be sick
3. we're playing a bunch of shows this summer (see below)
4. they're gonna be sick
5. we're gonna play some instrumental only shows also... (you know..drums..bass..guitar..keyboard..percussion..)
6. better call your doctor..cause they're gonna be sick
7. it's gonna be a gala event
8. we're changing up the website...sick
9. got new gear coming soon...again...sick..
10. go see a tailor and get tapered up...

see you soon....beastie boys

May 26th - Sasquatch Festival - George, Washington
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Festival Information:

May 27th - Sasquatch Festival - George, Washington
Festival Information:

June 10 - Alive Festival - Lisbon, Portugal
Tickets and Festival Information:

June 14th - Sonar Festival
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information:

June 15th - Sonar Festival
Tickets and Festival Information:

June 17th - One Love Festival - Istanbul, Turkey
Festival Information:

June 22nd - Hurricane Festival - Scheessel, Germany
Tickets and Festival Information:

June 24th - Southside Festival - Neuhausen, Germany
Tickets and Festival Information:

June 26th - Zenith - Paris, France
Headline Show

June 28th - Rock Werchter Festival - Belgium
Festival Information:

June 30th - Heineken Festival - Gdynia, Poland
Tickets and Festival Information:

July 1st - Heineken Festival - Gdynia, Poland
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information:

July 3rd - Quart Festival - Kristiansand, Norway
Tickets and Festival Informaton:

July 6th - Roskilde Festival - Denmark
Tickets and Festival Information:

July 11th - Moon & Stars Festival - Locarno, Switzerland
Tickets on sale March 29th. Ticket link:

July 13th - Exit Festival - Novi Sad, Serbia
Festival Information:

July 14th - Nuke Festival - Vienna, Austria
Tickets and Festival Information:

August 31st - Connect Festival - Inverary Castle, Scotland
Tickets and Festival Information:

September 8th - Bestival - Isle of Wight, UK
Tickets and Festival Information:

September 9th - Bestival - Isle of Wight, UK
Beastie Boys - A Gala Event - Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information:
Seriously. If you were a Beastie Boys fan--which we assume you are since you're reading this--how would you know about the tour dates before now if you didn't actively search for them from other sources? This newsletter is WAY PAST DUE. Communication is a must, Beastie Boys!

Enough of my disapproval. HOORAY for show confirmation!

What did this newsletter tell us that we self-informed fans didn't know before?
  1. The locations of the exclusive instrumental shows are confirmed as George, Washington (Sasquatch Festival); Barcelona, Spain (Sonar Festival); Gdynia, Poland (Heinken Open'er Festival); and Isle of Wight, UK (Bestival).
  2. The show in Paris will not be an instrumental set, which pleases us.
  3. Somebody likes the word sick.
You may subscribe to the official newsletter at


12:10 PM jim said...

thanks for the info! i didn't know there was a newsletter

will any more shows be announced?

1:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

I believe that more shows will be announced. The band are strongly rumored to be headling the Electric Picnic in Ireland. I think the line-up is supposed to be announced before the end of the month.

There's still hope for additional shows. :)

5:41 PM marc said...

Sorry for my english. I am from France. I learn of the concert in Paris from your webpage.

I ask FNAC for standing tickets. FNAC says the tickets are gone. Where can I find standing tickets besides ebay?

I request the offical newsletter but I did not receive it. :(

6:06 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'm sorry to hear about your ticket situation, Marc. I believe the standing tickets have been sold out for a long time.

I suggest that you register to the official message board and post a request for standing tickets for the Paris show. Some fans might have extra tickets and be willing to sell them to you.

RE the official newsletter: For the first two years that Midzi and I were subscribed to the newsletter (during the Pageant tour), neither of us ever received the newsletter. The admins insisted that the newsletter had to be in our junk mail or something. Of course, it wasn't. It took them two years to believe us and rectify the matter.

I suggest you contact the admins and inform them that you're not receiving the newsletter.

The admins have not been replying to comments and PMs on the board for some odd reason, so don't be surprised if you don't get a response.

In the future, we will always post the official newsletter for those people who might not be subscribed to it or be receiving it like they should. So, if fails you, we'll try to make up for it.

6:11 PM marc said...

I write to the admins alreaddy. They do not reply.

I will look on some French ticket pages and post on the message board.

Thank you for the answer.

8:42 PM jeroen said...

Are any shows rumoured for the Netherlands?

8:48 PM Iku Hito said...

It is exciting to see the tour plans grow. :)

I would like to go to Virgin Festival. It is not listed in the newsletter. Do they not perform there?

9:07 PM Hot Sauce said...

@Jeroen: I haven't heard any rumors about a show in the Netherlands. Do you have any major festivals happening there this summer?

@Iku: I think not listing the Virgin Festival in the newsletter was an oversight. The Virgin Festival was confirmed at the official site last week.

9:09 PM fonky said...

Hi! I posted the question on the borad but thought it's better to post it here :)
Paris headline gig?? what does it really mean?
I am confused because I thought they would perform new material in Paris so it meant instrumental show, now I read on mic to mic blog that Paris show is not instrumental?!?
Only hip hop then?!?
Or a regular beastie show with hip hop set and instrumental set with new material!!!?!?!?

12:10 AM Hot Sauce said...

Hi, Fonky.
A headline gig means that they are playing alone, not with other bands like at the festivals.

No one ever said the Paris show should would be an all-instrumental show. We reported that a source told us that Paris might be where the band would premiere new material and that all-instrumental shows were being considered. Tour plans can change in a heartbeat.

With the official newsletter, they seemed to be distinguishing between the regular hip-hop shows and the all-instrumental shows. At least I think so. Maybe more instrumental shows will be announced?

It seems to me that the all-instrumental shows have been planned at the last minute. They have probably been going to the promoters of the different festivals and saying, "Hey, we want to do a second set. Can you fit it in to the schedule?" This would explain why the Polish promoter said the all-instrumental shows would be in places other than what was officially announced. Do you follow? He was only repeating what he was told they were planning. The plans changed.

Going back to the Paris show: My best bet is it will be staged much like the Pageant: a hip-hop set with a few new instrumentals thrown in the middle.

Midzi and I hope to see you in Paris!

12:48 PM fonky said...

Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, that's my wish too, a hip hop set and an instrumental set!
An only hip hop set would be too short for a headline gig, don't you think so?
Like in 2004 they played this cool showcase at Elysée Montmartre, only hip hop, it lasted not more than 1 hour.
Let's hope in last minute announcements also, I want to see them at lesat 2 times!

So see you in Paris!

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