Beastie Boys ticket information

We thought it was time to review the announced performance dates -- a few of which we have been too lazy to post previously -- and provide specific ticket information to make up for our laziness.

May 27
Sasquatch Festival
George, Washington, USA
Presale now (password: beast) // On sale March 3 ($100 for 2-day pass)

June 10
Alive Festival
Lisbon, Portugal
Ticket information not available

June 17
Efes Pilsen One Love Festival
Istanbul, Turkey
On sale March 5

June 22
Hurricane Festival
Scheesel, Germany
On sale now (€101)

June 24
Southside Festival
Neuhausen, Germany
On sale now (€101)

June 26
Le Zenith
Paris, France
On sale now (€ 40.70 or € 46.20)
Note: This is NOT a festival performance.

June 28
Rock Werchter Festival
Werchter, Belgium
On sale now (€75)

June 30
Heineken Open'er Festival
Gdynia, Poland
On sale now (199 PLN for 3-day pass)

July 3
Quart Festival
Kristiansand, Norway
On sale now (1735,00 NOK)

July 13
Exit Festival
Novi Sad, Serbia
On sale now (€78.50 for 4-day pass)

September 8
Isle of Wight, UK
On sale now (£115.00 for 3-day pass)
Note: The web site is overloaded today because of high demand for tickets. It recommends phoning for tickets. See web site for phone number.


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