Three from the three

Music blog Ape Shall Never Kill Ape has posted three Beastie Boys bootlegs to download. These bootlegs are commonly shared on torrent sites and the Beastie Boys Hub.

The first recording, titled Original Ill, contains the original demo versions of all the Licensed to Ill tracks and two unreleased tracks:

1. Rhymin' & Stealin' (alternate version [extra dialogue at the end])
2. The New Style (demo)
3. She's Crafty (demo)
4. I'm Down (unreleased track)
5. Posse in Effect (demo)
6. Fight for Your Right (demo version 1)
7. No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn (alternate version)
8. Paul Revere (demo)
9. Brass Monkey (demo)
10. Hold It Now, Hit It (alternate version [different ending])
11. Girls (demo)
12. Slow and Low (alternate version [additional lyrics])
13. Time to Get Ill (demo)
14. Fight for Your Right (demo version 2 [different lyrics, extra verses, and different vocal & guitar effects])
15. Scenario (unreleased track)

The second recording, Permit to Ill, is a bootleg of the Beastie Boys performance, opening for Madonna, at the St. Paul Civic Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 21, 1985. The tracks on the bootleg are:

1. Intro
2. It's Yours
3. She's on It
4. Drum Machine
5. Beastie Groove
6. Rock Hard

The third offering, the Acapella Pack, is a collection of Beastie Boys acapellas. If you're interested in acapellas, visit instead. The band has generously made their acapellas available to download there.


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