Beastie Boys too old to be hip? Nonsense!

The Yauch sighting posted at yesterday spawned an editorial on the site about how "old" people don't act their age anymore. Read this BS:
Aging Gracefully a Foreign Concept for Hipsters, Beastie Boys

A tipster sent in the following sighting: "MCA of the Beastie Boys was skateboarding along Carmine Street last night (seen at intersection of Bedford)." We realize that MCA has long been a skateboarder and snowboarder, but we also know that MCA is 42 years old, and somehow this sighting made us think of all those grups we know who are, like, 45 and wear hoodies and Pumas and talk about how amazing that Cold War Kids show at Union Hall was.

Oh, whatever, it's fine. Really. It's probably better than a sighting of MCA wearing Dockers and rocking out at the James Taylor concert. Right?
Only a very young person would consider being in your forties old age. News alert: 40 isn't old.


12:29 AM darren said...

what's much worse are people's comments on the article. bleck.

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