Beastie Boys film video in Sydney

From The Daily Telegraph:

Hip-hoppers take on radio's weird boys
February 17, 2007

THEY'VE already conquered the airwaves, now brekkie radio kings Merrick and Rosso are launching an assault on the small screen.

And despite only setting up shop with their own production company, Smoke and Mirrors, two weeks ago, the comedy duo have already signed on Intergalactic hip-hop outfit The Beastie Boys.

Confidential can reveal the energetic trio - Mikey D, MCA and Adrock - commissioned the local lads to shoot their new video clip in Sydney on Thursday.

Obviously The Beasties weren't too concerned about checking the lads' references before signing up _ which is probably a good thing for the funnymen.

Until they signed on, Merrick and Rosso had been their own major clients, producing their own advertisements for Nova - which had it's advantages.

Rosso said The Beasties project was an exciting step for the fledging company, which specialises in video clips and advertising, and they relished the opportunity to work alongside the aging music legends.

"The best thing about it was not being the oldest guy on set," Rosso told Confidential yesterday.

The Beasties said they also enjoyed the experience, which gave them a better appreciation of the Harbour City landscape.

Rarely straying too far from Bondi during previous visits, the video clip, filmed in Hunters Hill, gave them the chance to see another side of the city.

Though the boys, who must have missed peakhour, were even more impressed with the traffic than the waterfront mansions.

"We're noticing no one honks their horns here," MCA said yesterday.

"It's almost as if honking your horn is road rage - it's very chilled out here."


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