Interview with a head

JTV has a video interview with the Beastie Boys at its web site. The interview was previously posted as an audio file on Triple J radio [mp3 download] [alt link]. It's a typical, goofy Beastie Boys interview.

Click on the above image to view the video (5min: 24sec).

(Thanks to the yobbo)


11:45 PM Hot Sauce said...

Why did the interviewer put on the bellhop suit if only his head was going to show?

It dudn't make sense.

5:36 AM midzi said...

Haha Awesome. Thanks for posting that. I definitely feel better now.A little interview like this always remind me why I love these guys so much.

1:42 PM Hot Sauce said...

Yauch with the water. What a cut-up! :D

5:09 PM Emily said...

Beastie Boys are hilarious!

6:24 PM phil said...

great interview

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