"We are all in the Garden tonight"

On October 9, 2004, the Beastie Boys employed 50 fans to film their concert at Madison Square Garden for the band's first concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! The band and their camera army, however, weren't the only ones recording that evening. A number of fan-recorded videos and audio recordings have surfaced from that concert, now including my audio share for today. This audience recording has not been shared previously and should not be confused with other recordings floating around.

For those of you who are picky about your audience recordings, download the following sample track to determine if the recording is up to scratch (pun intended):
 Sample: "Posse in Effect" (3.16 MB mp3)
For those of you with slower connections, I have uploaded the concert in three zip (compressed) folders. You will need software to extract the mp3s (for Windows PC: WinZip; for Macintosh: ZipIt).
 Tracks 1-12 (Zip folder, 32.51 MB)

 Tracks 13-24 (Zip folder, 39.95 MB)

 Tracks 25-34 (Zip folder, 26. 58 MB)
If you have a high-speed connection, you may download the whole kit and caboodle in one shot:
 Beastie Boys 10-09-04 (Zip folder containing all tracks, 99.03 MB)
The mp3s were created from lossless audio. Please do not upload these files to torrent or other file-sharing sites (they won't meet the criteria) except for the Beastie Boys Hub. The taper intends to share lossless audio at DIME in the future -- but don't hold your breath for that to happen.

01 Walk in - Triple Trouble 2:02
02 Sure Shot 2:45
03 Root Down 3:15
04 Will Ferrell Video 0:50
05 Hello Brooklyn 2:07
06 Time to Get Ill Instructions 1:59
07 Time to Get Ill 3:03
08 All Lifestyles 2:12
09 Mattress Guy Video 0:42
10 Posse in Effect 2:45
11 Shake Your Rump 3:33
12 MMM Interlude 3:16
13 Sabrosa 3:45
14 Ricky's Theme 3:25
15 Something's Got to Give 4:51
16 Shout-out Video 1:44
17 An Open Letter to NYC 3:41
18 Right Right Now Now 2:36
19 Banter Break 1 2:02
20 Paul Revere 3:38
21 Body Movin' 2:36
22 Incredible Wild Video 0:41
23 3 MCs and 1 DJ 2:44
24 Brass Monkey 3:18
25 So What'cha Want 3:15
26 Banter Break 2 1:19
27 Ch-Check It Out 3:35
28 To the Seats 1:14
29 Intergalactic 3:19
30 Back to Stage 1:08
31 Gratitude 3:50
32 Banter Break 3 1:01
33 Sabotage 3:23
34 Outro 1:16

Much thanks to the taper for allowing me to share this recording with the fan community.

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Big Thanks Miramanee for sharing the audio!!!

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