Beastie Boys Radio returns

After a five-month hiatus, Beastie Boys Radio returned last Thursday (June 8) on Little Radio. For two hours, the Beastie Boys played songs and chatted with one another during breaks. Mike D premiered two remixes of "Shazam!" -- one that he created and one that Adrock created for the Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! dvd -- and asked listeners to choose their favorite. (I prefer the crazy genie version by Mr. Horovitz.)

Download, listen, and choose your favorite.
 "Shazam! (Mike D Remix)" (2.9 MB mp3)

 "Shazam! (Adrock Remix)" (2.53 MB mp3)

For advanced Beastie Boys fans, I offer another related download: the song that Beastie Boys sampled in "Shazam!"
 "Open Sesame" - Kool & The Gang (4.6 MB mp3)


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