New Lady Sovereign track posted online

Several of the new songs from Lady Sovereign's forthcoming album, Public Warning, have begun appearing on the internet, including the title track. Last week, a digital promo from the album -- a song titled "Gatheration" -- was distributed to the media. I have been unable to confirm if this is one of the songs that Adam Horovitz produced because production credits were not provided with the promo. Download the song from (3.9 MB mp3) and decide for yourself if it sounds like Horovitz' handiwork.


12:41 AM Damian said...

I like it. I don't think I hear Horovitz's influence on this track, but what do I know? I actually saw Lady Sov with her posse last week on the street here in Seattle walking around before her sold-out show but I was too weenie to talk to her. Oh well! --- Damian

9:51 AM Hot Sauce said...

I doubt it's his work either. This track sounds very polished (bordering on overproduced) to me. Horovitz' production style is more raw, with lots of whistles and bells. I dunno...I don't want to underestimate his skills as a producer.

In any case, the track is interesting and worth listening to.

1:24 AM ggirlballa said...

i'm a big fan of Lady Sovereign and i've been waiting to hear something from her Def Jam album and i Like it. It doesn't sound like her other stuff but its a catchy song and to me it sounds like she got "American".

good shit

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