Beastie Boys got soul

Kidda, an up-and-coming producer in Brighton, England, is getting attention in the British press for mashing the Beastie Boys' To the Five Boroughs acapellas with classic soul songs. Kidda's unique mashups, which he has collectively titled On the Bus to NYC, are available to download for free at his web site.

In its review of the mashups, The London Evening Standard said Kidda "has taken their [Beastie Boys] lacklustre 2004 album and improved it tenfold." I wouldn't say that's true -- but then again, I would never call the To the Five Boroughs lacklustre.

More amusing to me than the mashups is the open letter to the Beastie Boys that Kidda has posted on his web site, inviting the band to rap on one of his albums. Good luck with that.


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