Beastie Boys take their sweet time with album-making

When asked by MTV News if the Beastie Boys' new album will be released in May, Adam Yauch responded, "I don't know if you [want to] go down to Vegas and throw down a bet just yet." For those of you who don't speak Yauchish, it means the new album will be done when they feel it is done.

We confirmed with a label source that the Beastie Boys' new album does not have a set release date; it is simply "expected by summer 2009."

At the moment, Beastie Boys prefer to talk about the remastered Paul's Boutique [see above video], which was originally expected to be released by the end of this month, but now has a pushed-back release date. According to the label source, the band is still working on the remastering.


12:32 AM Penny said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We have to wait more??!!

1:05 AM funkyfour said...

Mike tamed his fro

9:42 AM Fittonia said...

Beasties are trying my patience

9:53 AM Dave K said...

We waited 20 years. What's a few more weeks?

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