Adam Yauch interviewed for Bad Brains documentary

Adam Yauch will be seen in a new documentary on Bad Brains. Aptly titled Bad Brains, the documentary tells the story of the legendary D.C. hardcore band from their beginning to present-day. Filmmakers Mandy Stein and Ben Logan interviewed Yauch and a number of other musicians who have been inspired or worked with Bad Brains for the documentary.

The film, which is currently in post-production, does not yet have a set release date. The filmmakers are calling for fan submissions of video, audio, photos, flyers, 'zine articles, and other media related to Bad Brains to help them finalize the documentary. If you have material that might interest the filmmakers, email them at badbrainsmovie [at]


8:56 AM mca said...

I hope MCA is in the movie longer than he is in the trailer.

3:50 PM jorell said...

I want to see this film.

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