Adam Yauch brings sexy shoe back

Footwear company Airwalk is crediting Adam Yauch with its decision to bring back a discontinued shoe, the Desert Boot.

Before the last Beastie Boys tour, Yauch contacted Airwalk and requested the shoe, which has not been produced for years. Airwalk apparently replied, "Your wish is our command," as the bass man wore the shoe often throughout the entire world tour.

The New Rat Pack
Adam Yauch sports the Airwalk Desert Boot at a Beastie Boys concert.

Airwalk will give away 300 pairs of Yauch's beloved shoe at its "Breaking the Mold" event at Hotel on Rivington in New York on January 27, from 7-10 pm. (The shoe is not being produced for retail.) If you would like to attend the event and have a shot of getting a free pair of the Desert Boot, RSVP to by January 23.


3:48 AM cool coper said...

Desert boots, by Airwalk. Alright. The original from Clarks. Good. But Horovitz' Wallabees are the real smash! Coolness squared. Ultimate hipsters' toewear.

11:12 AM Saber said...

wish i could nab a free pair

3:48 PM Penny said...

MCA is a man who gets what he wants

4:43 PM Kevin said...

Little know fact..Yauch is responisble for bringing the McRib back.

5:41 PM facedownfall said...

Adrock was rockin the Clarks Desert Treks II in the Chicago Gala Event...the black ones. i was wearing the same type that night.

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