Beastie Boys at 9:30 Club

Photo by Peter Hutchins (via Flickr)

Root Down [VIDEO]
Shake Your Rump
Sure Shot
Triple Trouble
Pass the Mic
Flute Loop
Super Disco Breakin'
Do It
Right Right Now Now
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
High Plains Drifter
Ch-Check It Out
Body Movin'
3 MCs and 1 DJ [VIDEO (intro only)]
So What'cha Want
Gratitude [VIDEO (intro only)]


  • Rolling Stone: Beastie Boys Pass the Mic for Obama at Raucous D.C. Show
  • Washington Post: Live Last Night: Beastie Boys
  • Beastie Boys Fight For Their Right To Party ... For Barack Obama

    5:47 PM Saber said...

    Same as the other Rock The Vote shows.. with a few extra songs

    5:54 PM Fittonia said...

    Did Adrock get a bad haircut?

    6:14 PM Leo K said...

    No new material from 'Tadlock's Glasses'?? I'm shocked! Hope is dead!

    6:52 PM nycneil said...

    It was defintely not a full set as advertised

    7:09 PM Music said...

    No one said they would play new songs.

    I would like to hear No Sleep into High Plains Drifter. Blowout combination.

    8:11 PM Lon Chaney said...

    On craigslist tickets were selling for $$$. I think all the tickets for this show fell into scalpers hands.

    10:39 PM serialwaxkiller said...

    Show was great! Sheryl Crow was great too! better than I expected.

    I got 2 tix day of the sale! No scalp for me. face value

    12:35 AM Fittonia said...

    You couldn't pay me to sit through Sheryl Crow.

    9:08 PM bboys#1fan said...

    damn it!!!
    i soooo badly wish i could of went...but i really dont know when they do these small (out of nowhere) shows...and its pissing me off! the way...did anyone else notice that on the (Washington Post: Live Last Night: Beastie Boys)article ..that they spelt ad-Rocks last name wrong...
    i have noticed that most of the time people either spell his name wrong or pronounce it wrong!

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