Learn from the Master, Grasshopper

Imagine learning how to use professional music-making software from the master himself: Mix Master Mike. If you're located in the greater Los Angeles area, you will have such an opportunity.

Mix Master Mike is participating in a free seminar at the Northridge Guitar Center on Thursday, July 24, beginning at 7 p.m. Mix Master Mike will show how he uses Propellerhead Reason in his work; reveal top-secret, mix-master tricks; and demonstrate how to use Reason with other software and musical gadgets and gizmos (specifically, Line 6’s TonePort hardware and Gearbox software).

Although the event is free, capacity is limited. Show up early to ensure entry. Phone the Northridge Guitar Center at 818-993-0286 for more information.

Similar seminars (but without Mix Master Mike) are scheduled in other cities in the United States.


10:51 PM Joel said...

Nobody in the Beastie camp has used Reason at an aspirational level.

11:37 PM cheeky1025 said...

sweet. I wish I lived in LA

12:15 AM Saber said...


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