Tamra Davis Cooking Show blog relaunches

Can Mike flip it? Yes, he can!

Tamra Davis has relaunched her cooking blog, the Tamra Davis Cooking Show, with a new design and posted the final two installments of her three-part video of cooking in the Hamptons with Ed Burns and Christy Turlington.

When we last left the Diamond and Burns families, Tamra was preparing salmon salad. In part 2, she whips up some crepes (or, as Mike tells a pancake-demanding Davis, they're "Swedish pancakes") for breakfast. Mike even gets in on the cooking action, flipping a crepe like a pro. In part 3, Tamra makes several sandwiches for lunch.

New on Tamra's redesigned blog is information about the cookbook she has compiled, titled Make Me Something Good to Eat, which is available to purchase at Lulu.com.

If you previously subscribed to the RSS feed at Tamra's old blog design, you'll need to update it because the previous feed no longer works.

(Shout-out to Friis)


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