Emcee digs record, invites band to open

When electrofunk duo Chromeo opened for the Beastie Boys in Canada on their tour last year, many Beastie Boys fans scratched their head at the choice of opening band. In a recent interview with Dose.ca, P-Thugg of Chromeo explained why his band got the invitation to open for the Beastie Boys and what the experience was like for them:
"We did the show and Ad Rock was on the side of the stage, singing our whole lyrics. It was," says P-Thugg, pausing, "it was inspiring."

Ad Rock told the group he was an instant Chromeo fan. "He was in a store and our CD was playing and he was like, 'Man, what's this playing, what's this old-school music that I don't know?'" P-Thugg recounts. The M.C. dug the CD so much, he wound up begging the disc off the store's cashier. "And then a couple weeks later they called us," says P-Thugg.


9:00 AM Emily said...

I would love to see Adrock singing on the side stage. :)

12:42 PM JesusJoe said...

I love Chromeo too! It's cool Adrock is a fan.

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