Mike at Food Bank for NYC’s 5th Annual Can-Do Awards Dinner

Mike D and actor Edward Burns (photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

The Gothamist reports that Mike (now with handkerchief) once again has attended a Food Bank for NYC function.

Mike, amongst other celebrities, was at Chelsea Piers and enjoyed cocktails, live music, dinner, auctions, and raffles to support the Food Bank's 25 years of work to fight hunger in New York City. The event raised approximately $1 million for the Food Bank.


4:04 PM Kevin said...

Mike to Ed Burns - "Let's make waffles this summer."

4:59 PM Emily said...

He remembered the handkerchief! :D

8:29 PM Hot Sauce said...

"Now with handkerchief..."

You're the right kind of goofy, The Update!

Hey, everybody, we have a new editor at Mic to Mic!! :D

8:51 PM funkyfour said...

who is the new guy?

9:25 PM Hot Sauce said...


She likes to play with Legos. :D

9:42 PM Klepto said...

first post! very noice!! ;D


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