Introducing Oscope Archive

A few years back (2005, to be exact), my friend Midzi and I began developing a fan site about the Beastie Boys' film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! Our goal was to create a detailed resource site about the film. Unfortunately, because my interest in attending Beastie Boys shows in 2006 outweighed my interest in working on the film site, and because Midzi was trying to balance work and school, we never completed and launched the site. We did, however, amass a huge collection of interviews, reviews, videos, and photos related to the film.

Fast forward to today and the approaching premiere of Adam Yauch's film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot, we've decided to resurrect the fan film site, but change the focus to include all of Oscilloscope Laboratories' film and video projects.

We are pleased to announce the creation of Oscilloscope Laboratories Archive, or Oscope Archive for short. Oscope Archive will serve as a resource site for all the film and video work coming out of Oscilloscope Laboratories. Mic to Mic's focus will remain on the musical work coming of Oscilloscope Laboratories by the Beastie Boys. Of course, some overlap/duplication at both sites is expected. The difference between the sites, other than the focus (film versus music), is the authorship of the content. All the stories posted at Mic to Mic are the editors' own words, sometimes with references to outside publications. Oscope Archive, however, will primarily be the work and words of others (with appropriate credit cited). Our goal is to create a one-stop site to learn about the films and videos from Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Oscope Archive will be an ad-free, not-for-profit fan site, like Mic to Mic. At this point, we have built a simple structure for the archive and populated it with basic information. It is nowhere near being complete. In fact, we don't have all the projects listed. In the coming weeks, we will be working on making the site more complete, adding a synopsis for each project, cast and production credits, etc. We are launching the site now because of Yauch's film premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival is coming up so soon. We want people to begin reading what the press have to say about the film.

We're hoping that fans will take a personal interest in this site and submit content for the archive. We're looking for press, interviews, videos, audio, photos, screen captures, fun facts -- anything that is related to the individual projects. Please use the CONTACT link to submit content for the archive. Right now, we're trying to focus on Gunnin' for That #1 Spot and gather as much information about the film as possible. Press of significance is posted in the archive for future reference; press of less significance is simply listed as links under the heading of GUNNIN' TALK.

Along with the introduction of Oscope Archive, I am pleased to announce the addition of Friis (aka The Update) to the Mic to Mic and Oscope Archive editorial teams. Friis is a long-time Beastie Boys fan, recognized for her many contributions to the Beastie Boys fan community. She has a unique sense of humor, and we are very happy to have her in our posse.


4:38 PM funkyfour said...


how many fansites you got now?

4:49 PM Hot Sauce said...

Errr...too many!

I felt it was necessary to create another site to separate the music from the film stuff. Not everyone is interested in both. I didn't want Mic to Mic to become all about Yauch's movies.

6:16 PM Emily said...

Oh-oh! Another distraction for me!! ;D Can I send scans of newspaper clippings about AIFST I collected?

7:04 PM Hot Sauce said...

Yes, please do! I should probably tell everyone that we will be selective about what press gets archived. We can't post everything -- just the most interesting or well-written stuff.

7:13 PM funkyfour said...

yauch said the gunnin site would be up soon

that was a month ago

7:23 PM Hot Sauce said...

An official film site is a marketing tool. They're probably waiting to get reaction/feedback from the audiences at the Tribeca Film Festival before deciding how to market the film. I expect the official site to appeal to basketball fans, not Yauch/Beastie Boys fans.

10:09 PM Fittonia said...

I like MCA but no way will I see a movie about basketball unless it has a monkey or a dog who plays on the team.

10:22 PM Music said...

I like dogs in my movies too.

10:59 PM Danielle said...

I'm not a fan of basketball but a documentary on any subject can be interesting if it is done well.

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