Taste Maker TV

''I see music in different shapes and different colors, so I try to come up with certain kinds of manipulation so it makes it [a song or sound] so different from the other, so that it's pretty overwhelming -- you know, kind of like Baskin & Robbins. All the flavors are there. You get the cocoa, the cappuccino, cookies and cream -- and it's all there and it's all ice-cream, but it's all so different, you know? That's me. I'm a taste maker. Forget the turntablism, I'm a taste maker."
--Mix Master Mike
To publicize his upcoming appearances at the Parklife festivals in New Zealand and Australia, Mix Master Mike has been doing some press interviews recently. In the August 17 edition of Go Magazine in the Gold Coast Bulletin, Mix Master Mike talked about the art of turntablism, or taste making, and some of his future projects, which include a new album that will be released in early 2007 and a television show supremely titled "MMMTV." Mix Master Mike described "MMMTV" as an educational DJ show:

"We have live DJ battles, mixtape contests and interviews with superstar DJs. It'll be the first of its kind. It's time to have something educational as far as for aspiring DJs and for musicians who don't know that the turntable is a musical instrument. It's airing soon on MTV, so look out for that."

Mix Master Mike had little to say of his three rapping buddies, except their concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! is now available on dvd. "It's good, real good -- so go pick it up," said Mix Master Mike. "It's dope."


9:33 PM ggirlballa said...

wow i'm excited about the t.v show & i'll definately watch

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