'So What'cha Want' is best song ever says Tammy D

Today Tamra Davis, aka Tammy D aka Mrs. Michael Diamond, was a guest DJ on KCRW radio in Los Angeles. She chose five songs and discussed their significance to her. Her first song pick was Beastie Boys' "So What'cha Want." Davis explained the song pick by sharing a personal story:
I love that song. It, to me, really defines a time and this attitude. It's also a personal song to me because my husband is Mike D, and while he was making that record, I was just like the wife at home like, 'Oh God, you're just like taking so long on this record,' and the record company had asked them to make one more single and I was just like, 'Oh god, not another week in the studio every night.' So then he comes back and he plays me this song, "So What'cha Want" and I remember sitting in the front of our house in the car listening to it and I just was like, 'This? This is the song that you spent all this time on?!? This isn't that good.'
Time changed her opinion of the song, which she says is the best song that she has ever heard.

You may listen to and/or download audio of the program at KCRW's website, as well as read a full transcript of the show.

Tamra Davis is currently promoting her film Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, which contains music composed by Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz.

(Shoutout to Mama B)


3:39 PM Stunt D said...

What? No love for Boomin' Granny from Tammy D?

4:26 PM Fittonia said...

No argument from me. So Whatcha Want is easily the Beastie Boys best song.

6:58 PM Emily said...

Awww... that's a sweet story! I want to see her movie but movies like that never come near where I live.

2:45 PM spiffy said...

great song, great video, great album.

this cannot be denied.

3:24 PM yauchiejo said...

I love Tamra. She is so supportive of Mike. And I agree about "So What'cha Want. Simply amazing.

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