Rare Beastie Boys concert recording surfaces

A very rare recording of a 1986 concert featuring the Beastie Boys has surfaced in an audio sharing forum. The recording is from a July 19, 1986, concert at Madison Square Garden.

The audio captures two hours of a mega-concert with performances by Run-DMC, Whodini, LL Cool J, Timex Social Club, and Beastie Boys. Beastie Boys performed only two songs--"Slow and Low" and "Hold It Now, Hit It."

You can download the audio HERE.

The concert is in mp3 format and not divided by song. Beastie Boys' performance can be found in the second file around the 10:30 mark.


9:26 AM Winebibber said...

"Raising Hell" Tour!!! I wanted to go to this show so badly but my parents wouldn't let me go. I thought telling my zionist parents that the Beastie Boys were jewish would help. It wasn't enough for them. Thanks for posting!

9:44 AM Saber said...

The audio quality is as expected but it's an interesting listen.

10:08 AM Fittonia said...

Wow, ancient!

10:22 AM xxxxx said...

i cut 2 beasties tracks and do little sound cleaning

6:52 PM Octopie said...

Nice find.

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