Adam Horovitz remixes Mexican Institute of Sound

A new remix by Adam Horovitz, titled "Alocatel (Ad Rock Remix)," by Mexican Institute of Sound, is available to download at The song is a bonus track on M.I.S.'s album Soy Sauce, which will be released on April 7.

According to an official press release for the album, Mike Diamond is responsible for pairing Camilio Lara (aka M.I.S.) and Horovitz. Lara says:
"I've been friends with Mike D of the Beastie Boys for a long time. So one night after one of their shows in Mexico City, I had the group over to my place for dinner. Mike introduced me to Ad Rock and I gave him some of my music from the new album that I had been working on. Months down the line, he got back in touch, saying that he wanted to collaborate."


4:45 PM Kevin said...

Good to hear something new. Horovitz could have a career doing only remixes.

5:26 PM Fittonia said...

I approve this remix.

10:27 AM funkyfour said...

reissues and remixes...are they even working on a new album anymore?

11:04 AM Lon Chaney said...

LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

I can't spend money on remixes and reissues of albums I already own. I'm saving for the new album.

12:57 AM Music said...

I'm a big fan of M.I.S. The guy makes some seriously good music. I like Adrock's remix.

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