Adam Horovitz backstage

Photo by Valérie Jodoin-Keaton

If you flew on Air Canada this month, you might have recognized a familiar face in its in-flight magazine En Route. The current issue contains a feature of photographer Valérie Jodoin-Keaton's work that includes a photo she took of Adam Horovitz.

Narrating the photo, which was taken at the Montreal Gala Event in September 2007, Jodoin-Keaton says:
"He looks like Robert De Niro. It was after a show at the Métropolis in the outdoor backstage. After that pose, I asked him to give me a more natural stance; I was curious to see what he'd look like without playing it up. But he said, 'Oh, but I always pose!'"


11:30 AM Penny said...

Nice photo!

7:06 PM Fittonia said...

He always looks good. Yeah, always.

1:03 AM Tigermama said...

The man is beautiful. :)

9:40 PM bboys#1fan said...

does anyone know what his tatto is?!
i have been tring to figure out,,,butt i cant make out what is tatooed on his arm!

10:10 PM Penny said...

His tattoo is the Manhattan sky line. :)

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